RAD Adds Distributed NFV to its Service Assured Networking Solution for Mission-Critical Private Networks

Power Utilities Can Now Benefit from a Virtual Applications Ecosystem at their Substations Paris, France, August 21, 2014 – RAD, the world leader in advanced networking for power utilities, which made history in June when it unveiled the first Distributed Network Functions Virtualization (D-NFV) solution, will mark yet another major breakthrough when it introduces its award winning D-NFV concept to its Service Assured Networking portfolio for mission-critical networks. RAD is integrating D-NFV into its Megaplex-4 Next-Generation Multiservice Access Node, widely used by power utilities for substation connectivity, protection and automation communications, and operational core networks. The Megaplex-4 is a

RAD CEO Dror Bin Discusses D-NFV Offering, Investment and PoC

Maritime Police in China uses RADWIN Mobility Solution for River Safety Supervision

  Security patrol boats are fited with RADWIN mobile radios.     Mobile radios transmit video from the boats to maritime bureau’s operations center.    

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RADWIN helps to secure the 2014 FIFA world cup!

RADWIN 5000 systems enable Mobile Integrated Command & Control Center Vehicles to ensure  public safety and civil defense during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. RADWIN 5000 point-to-rnultipoint systems allow the Mobile Command Vehicles and Police Control Centers to send and receive LIVE VIDEO, VOICE & DATA in real-time from the field. RADWIN 5000 Wireless PtMP Nomadic mode – automatic connection to nearest base station Net throughput of up to 250 Mbps Power real-time Voice, Video & Data High Definition video transmission

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RAD Names Kenton Research as a Certified Solution Partner

Global telecom access vendor RAD announced that Kenton Research has been appointed as a “Solution Partner” for 2014 in the UK and Ireland. The Solution Partner designation is conferred on those companies that have passed the highest levels of certification in the RADadvantage partner program. As a Solution Partner, Kenton Research is certified to market, sell, distribute, support, and plan networks based on RAD’s state-of-the-art solutions and products. More than 12 million RAD devices have been deployed in 160 countries on six continents over the past three decades. Lee Palmer, Commercial Director at The Kenton Group, commented, “this is

RAD Becomes First Vendor to Launch a Customer Edge Distributed NFV Solution and Ecosystem

Singapore, June 16, 2014 – RAD has become the industry’s first developer of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) technology to introduce a dedicated customer-edge Distributed NFV (D-NFV) solution to the market. The company has announced that a customer-edge D-NFV solution, based on its ETX, a powerful Layer 2/Layer 3 Network Termination Unit (NTU), is now commercially available. The NTU is equipped with a D-NFV x86 server module that functions as a virtualization engine at the customer edge. It is being unveiled at CommunicAsia 2014 in Singapore. “The typical perception of NFV is that virtualized network functions (VNFs) should be implemented

Cloud benefits to the finance Industry

It’s not just a Hollywood plot the threat of cyber-attacks is real and growing. In the last quarter of 2012 alone, attacks were up by 200% on the previous year with high-profile hacks of international news sites, and the largest attack of all time was recorded in March, slowing down Internet speeds for millions of users all around the world. A huge proportion of these attacks come as Distributed Denial-of-service (DDoS) hits, where thousands of computers around the world are used without their owners’ knowledge to simultaneously flood a website with requests for access. Without protection, the target website

The Kenton Group Technical Support Team Beat the Traffic!

The Kenton Group Technical Support Team have found a novel way to beat the traffic problems, a wing suit. Two of The Kenton Group staff are keen skydivers and Craig Crosby tested his new wing suit this weekend. With clear skies and great conditions the suit performed “brilliantly” according to Craig and as he returned to work on Monday the landing must have been OK as well. The Kenton group offer a full range of Support Services which can be found at  with the core approach of one size does not fit all The Kenton group tailor the

Skywire Technologies Deploys Over 600 RADWIN Radios

Tel Aviv, Israel, November 7, 2013- RADWIN (, the global provider of sub-6 GHz broadband wireless solutions, today announced that Skywire Technologies, a leading service provider in South Africa, deployed over 600 RADWIN point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links in its network to effectively drive connectivity to remote areas of the country and urban centers.  Miro Distribution, RADWIN’s partner and one of South Africa’s leading distributors of wireless, networking, VoIP and IP video products, was responsible for project design and installation. Mondi Hattingh, Co-Executive Director at Skywire, said that the company’s focus on the highest levels of quality necessitated the move

TalkTalk Business SIP gets next-generation fulfilment from The Kenton Group

23 September 2013 – The Kenton Group today announced that TalkTalk Business, a leading provider of SIP to UK Businesses, has implemented The Kenton Group’s next-generation fulfilment service to automate SBC delivery, underpinned by ITIL-based configuration management. TalkTalk Business is using Kenton’s Provisioning Portal to deliver pre-configured SBCs for their new IP-ISDN30 service. The highly innovative and unique Provisioning Portal enables automatic configuration of SBCs and associated equipment. The solution delivers plug and play, site-specific installation which is key for volume deployment. ”Making SIP delivery simple is a USP for IP-ISDN30.” said Jon Nowell, Head of Communications Services at